Find attorneys in Massachusetts who have experience handling situations in which people are seriously injured due to the neglect of an individual or company. Our personal injury attorneys have experience obtaining the highest settlements from insurance companies as well as achieving the highest verdicts in litigation. The categories below represent some of the more common types of injury cases handled by our attorneys. Please explore our site or contact a lawyer using our case evaluation form here.

Car Accidents
Read about Cases that injure thousands of people in the commonwealth every year.
  Whistleblower Cases
Federal False Claims Act cases, including Big Dig and health care industry fraud.
Medical Malpractice
Negligent or incorrect performance of professional duties by health care providers.
  Construction Site Accidents
Injuries sustained at a construction site including death, amputation, quadrapelgia and serious personal injury
Failure to Diagnose Cancer Cases
Failure to detect Breast Cancer account for 40% of all medical malpractice cases.
  Drug Recalls and Defective Products
Injuries caused by dangerous and defective products including drugs, machines and air bags
Electrical Accidents
Injuries caused by dangerous and defective products including drugs, machines and air bags.
  Head Injury and Brain Injury
Serious head and brain injury cases caused by car accidents, falls or negligence.
Workers' Compensation & Workplace Injuries
Issues involving people injured at work including third partyt actions that allow more than Workers' Comp.
  Medication Errors
Precription errors and medical malpractice from medication including anesthesia resulting in serious injury or disability.
 Slip and Fall Cases
Serious injuries caused by dangerous conditions such as ice, slippery floors, inadequate railings, stairs not up to code.
  Benzene Cancer Lawsuits
Leukemia and Illnesses related to Benzene
Birth Injuries & Cerebral Palsy
Injuries at childbirth including Erb's palsy.
  Legal and Professional Malpractice
Injuries caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of an attorney or licensed professional.
Wrongful Death
Death caused by the wrongful act or negligence of another.
  Dog Bites
Injuries caused by dogs who are related to a home owner.
  Crime Victims
Rape, sexual assault and childhood and adult abuse cases.

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